Goals for xView

  • The presentation and correlation layer is designed to be the single source of truth for all operations metrics. It can take information from any source: logs, alerts, metrics, business data and present it in a way that provides immediate value.
  • The primary purpose is to bring together operational metrics from different sources to provide a unified picture of system health
  • The correlation layer marries incoming data with information on service taxonomy to provide a holistic picture of service health (where service can be an application, service, feature, service, or microservice).
  • This system will also provide a centralized location from management of alerts across a variety of incoming alert sources.


  • Operation centers - network operations centers, operations command centers
  • Operations engineers - network, database, compute, cloud
  • Quality and development engineers
  • Business users who rely on operations
  • Operations executives
  • Security engineers


Use it now for free or download and contribute on Github.

xView access: http://xview.xops.it/

xView Github: https://github.com/xOpsTech/xView


Value Proposition

For mid-sized businesses, who have a variety of monitoring tools, the xOps Correlation and Presentation product is a manager of monitors that brings all of your data together, unlike large players like IBM and HP, the product does not require a large infrastructure footprint or specific monitoring tools or CMDB. Unlike newer entrants in the field such as Datadog and Moogsoft, our product works across logs, metrics, alerts and business data.