xOps ARMY Interns

The Program

Our xOps ARMY Intern program helps create full stack software developers. Additionally, we are look for digital marketing oriented interns as well. The xOps ARMY Intern program will give you a background in the new world of DevOps, bring you up to speed on how the culture works, and provide specific training towards whatever you will be doing, including doing DevOps for our clients.

For all interns, we do things a little bit differently. You will not just be plugged in and asked to do some tasks. We have a strong emphasis on training you and developing your skills. You'll even talk to clients. The program will be as much about training as it is working, and you will constantly be developing new skills.  You'll have access to engineers, and other senior xOps members, to help with any questions you have.  We even have a reading list.

Software Development Interns will be assisting with the Full Stack development of the xOps open source applications, such as xView (more info can be found on our products page). This includes front end development of the applications, along with back end development. You will be using Angular framework, HTML, and CSS languages, along with MongoDB, Elastisearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack) for back end development. Interns will start out with a lot of training.  We put a lot of time into our training of interns, and you will come out with new development skills, and will have something that you can point to and show that you helped to build! You will be working in a Scrum team in an agile environment. 

Community Builder Position - we are looking for someone to help grow the xOps ARMY, and manage the Facebook page and community, and also help to grow our GitHub presence, and potentially bring in new contributors to our open source tools. If this is something you would be interested in, check out the Handshake link further down the page!

If you have further questions, check out below where we have contact information, and information on how to apply.



We Would Love to Meet You!

With the intern program, we have a rolling acceptance, where we are always looking to meet with applicants, and see if you would be a good fit with us! While we have a tentative schedule of looking for interns at the start of summer and both semesters, we still would be interested in bringing others on board if things work out. Summer is coming up, and we will have postings for the summer wave.  In the meantime, check out the website to learn more about xOps. Also, check out our GitHub to see the different tools you could be working on. More info on the tools can be found under the "Products" heading at the top of the page. 

Check out our GitHub here!


We are always interested in looking for new intern applicants!  If you are interested, check out our Handshake profile with the link below.  We usually have job postings there, but if we do not, email jdudas@xops.it for more information!