Culture and Collaboration



Product Managers Need DevOps

Product managers need devops, and devops people need product managers. There are a number of things they can do to help one another create better products more efficiently. 

Cloud Migration Will Drive DevOps Adoption

Cloud migrations provide a great opportunity to do a culture shift. Devops and automation are compelling goals that become suddenly viable. 

Who's Buying DevOps Assessments

Find out how to do assessments and how to benefit from them.

DevOps Starts With Leadership and Culture

Devops is not just tools and skills. It requires the right leaders and the right leadership skills to make sure the culture and processes are correct. 

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Business Model


How to Leverage Offshore Developers for DevOps

Devops is expensive, potentially 24/7, and key to the business, so offshore considerations should be in the strategic mix. 

Measuring DevOps in Enterprise Environments

The challenge of how to measure if your implementation is progressing and, more importantly, how do you measure if it is having the desired results? 

The 2 Best Ways to Automate Your TechOps

The DevOps community is rapidly building tools and processes to automate more of the DevOps workflow. Here are the two key areas to focus on when automating operations processes. 

MSPs and Outsourcers Are Building Whole New Value Streams to Meet Customers’ DevOps Requirements

Established MSPs and outsourcers have come to rely upon new specialty devops services firms for expertise. 

Applied DevOps and Small Engineering Teams

Compliance as code gets done best using small teams applying core engineering principles. 


Agile Support


xOps Launches DevOps Services for MSPs

xOps leverages ServiceNow, NewRelic, SolarWinds, and more to build DevOps & cloud monitoring platform services for customers & MSP partners. 

Agile Enterprises can Benefit from DevOps

Agile provides the perfect setup to drive automation, high velocity deployments and operational excellence

xSUM from xOps Supports DevOps Best Practices

Delivering Unrivaled End User Experience with Synthetic User Monitoring  

Tools and Processes


Eliminating Alert Fatigue: a DevOps Secret

Alert fatigue is a common plague among devops organization. To eliminate it requires the right tools and techniques, and managers have to make sure the processes thresholds are correct. 

DevOps Open Source Monitoring Tools Can Reduce Cost and Increase Uptime

Open source tools can cost-effectively help devops engineers see and correlate data from multiple data streams more easily. 

Innovate ITIL: A DevOps Approach to the ITIL Framework

Learn how DevOps and ITIL, a.k.a. the IT Infrastructure Library, can work together to benefit software development businesses.

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Customer Demand for Open Source and Tools in the DevOps Space

CEO, Sean Mack, does a Q&A on Open Source and Tools with DevOps. Read Here

xOps Ties ServiceNow to DevOps Processes

Sean Mack explains the relationship between ServiceNow and DevOps Read Here

xOps Open Source Tools for DevOps Engineers and SREs

Learn more in our brochure

DevOps Open Source Monitoring Helps Reduce Costs and Increase Uptime

In a Q&A on DevOps Monitoring Tools, Sean Mack discusses benefits provided by xOps. Read Here

xOps. Latest Generation Open Source Tools and Services for DevOps

Learn about xOps in our overview.

The I/O of DevOps and Where a Time Series Database Fits In

In this webinar, Larry Gordon from XOps will share his experiences working with his clients to deploy the latest tools and implement practices across their organizations.  Watch on Vimeo

xOps ARMY Interns

In Business Student vs. DevOps, the Customer Wins!

A third player has entered the game of DevOps: the business leader. Read Here