Technical Operations and Managed Services

Engineers on the Front Line

xOps unique practice of putting engineers on the front lines of managed services allows us to embed automation, root cause analysis, and predictive analysis into making managed services more efficient. Our engineers find the balance between making sure everything is captured and also make sure to not overload staffers responding to these alerts and problems. This is a key DevOps transformational issue. 

We provide onsite and offshore managed services. Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 services are the best because we put senior engineers on the front line. Our front line engineers help automate fixes and develop self-healing systems. We apply machine learning to help anticipate and prevent downtime and outages.

Managing Services by Priority

xOps prioritizes managed services by system metrics including CPUs, memories, IO, network IO, and disk IO. On top of that layer, xOps looks at the service health. We determine how best to measure the functions of services including the response time of its actual purpose. For example, we look at uptime and response times for the actual user experience. We also analyze how long it takes for an application to ingest a request, change or update and how long it takes for users to experience the new functionality. 

We then take another one step further out and look at the application holistically. We measure how changes are translating to the application health, and how are each new transaction is reacting with the application. We look at how calls to the database are reacting as well. We are always trying to measure what application changes actually mean to people actually trying to use this application.