About Us

xOps is a global company with headquarters in New York City and resources around the world. Our global presence allows us to pull from the best technology talent in the world to develop software solutions at a low cost. It also allows us to offer services such as 24 x 7 Tier 1 and Tier 2 operations support as part of our Managed Service Provider offering. In addition we offer operations consulting services In the US through our DevOps, ITIL, and Cloud consulting practice. 

xOps is also unique because established MSPs and outsourcers have come to rely upon us for hard to find DevOps expertise. This includes go-to-market capabilities, technology consulting, and open source tools. This is changing the nature of the IT services value chain. The older firms need partners to do DevOps better for their customers, and to sell DevOps to their customers. They are building out their value streams to include xOps. The demand for MSPs and outsourcers to deliver DevOps is being driven by customers, who want DevOps, particularly as they transition infrastructure to the cloud.


The Team

Sean Mack


Sean Mack is our CEO.  Sean is a visionary technology executive with extensive experience in operations, development, quality assurance, program management, and infrastructure. Sean's led teams at Pearson, Etsy and Scholastic in NYC. 

Larry Gordon


 Larry is our Chief Revenue Officer and has held senior leadership positions at Cognizant and Capgemini and has founded and led IT services and software companies in the security, devops, and digital transformation segments. He has also been a successful angel investor in the energy and cloud spaces. 

Pasindu Gunarathne


 Pasindu Gunarathne is our Head of Technology is a technical architect and strategic leader with over 11 years experience architecting and leading engineering teams to develop innovative monitoring solutions. 

Our Partners









All our products are open source. Our community, the xOps Army (XOA), is focused on bringing people together to drive innovation and create the best tools available. Get involved and help build the next generation of monitoring and management tools.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram below, and also on GitHub here.